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As one year has finished, it is time to start planning for life after high school.  Start by having a real conversation with your parents/guardians regarding your future.  Will you continue onto college/university or trade school?  If college, will it be SDA, non-SDA private, or public?  Will you stay in Hawaii or will you go to the mainland?

Based on your 9th grade grade point average (GPA), start by visiting university websites and see if your GPA matches up.  

1) Search for any university by using a search engine (i.e. Yahoo, Google).

2) Look for a link/tab to Admissions or Undergraduate Admissions.

3) Find a link/tab for freshman requirements or freshmen eligibility or admission requirements.  There should be some information regarding minimum GPAs and required high school courses.  If those links/tabs can't be found then find the university's search engine (usually found in the corner of the website), and type in freshmen requirements, and something should pop up.

3a) If step 3 is unsuccessful, then you can try to type into the university's search engine, Freshmen Profile.  This will provide you with average GPAs and test scores of those that they accepted.

4) Compare your GPA (found on your transcript on Renweb, or request from the Registrar) to the ones found on the university page.

5) Then, on the university website, look for Finances.  After clicking link, there should be a link/tab for Scholarships.  If there is not, then type Scholarships into the university's webpage.

6) Find what the requirements might be for different scholarships at this university.

7) Lastly, under the Finances section of the university's website, there should be a link for Tuition & Costs, or Estimated Tuition.  If this cannot be found, then type Estimated Tuition into the university's search engine.

These are the goals to be reached.  In the fall of the 12th grade, applications will need to completed and submitted.  Thus, you have a very short two years to ensure that you are maximizing your schedule, taking all the classes you can, getting involved as much as you can, and doing the best that you can.  The Bible teaches us in Hebrews 12:1 that as we run our race, there will be different weights and sins that will try to take us off our course.  As a result, we need to run with patience the race that is before us by keeping our eyes focused on our end goal of Jesus, graduation, university, or any other life goal.

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