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You're more than halfway to the end of your high school career but this year is arguably the most important year of your four years.  It is important because it is the last major opportunity to improve or maintain your GPA. 


If this year goes poorly, it means that your grades are on a downward trajectory and will cause admission advisors to question whether you should be accepted.  If this year goes well, then it can solidify what you've accomplished over the past two years.  It is also the last year to consider whether retaking courses are necessary.  Depending on the university or scholarship, an improved grade in a previously taken course, can make a significant difference.

Look to have a list of at least 3 possible colleges/universities to attend and a maximum of 15.  If you have too many then look to narrow down your list of potential universities, by comparing your GPA with your universities of interest.  If you are unsure of how to do so, click on the 10th-grade link and follow the directions.  After looking through tuition costs, scholarships, and acceptance, do you still want to attend that school, and do you have a high chance of acceptance?  Whether you have too little or too much, speak with your parents/guardians about your list and your options.

In the 11th grade, there are two major tests that should be considered: PSAT & SAT/ACT.  The PSAT will occur in October of every year.  This test is significant because if you score in the top 1% of the state, then you will enter into the National Merit program.  This is an extremely high distinction that is very highly regarded by all universities.  At SDA colleges and universities, it can lead to at minimum a 50% off of tuition scholarship or even a full-tuition scholarship.

The SAT/ACT is another test that should be strongly considered in the spring of the 11th grade.  It is a good opportunity to familiarize yourself with the test and then appropriately study for weaker areas in the summer before your senior year.  These tests will strengthen or weaken your possible acceptance, and possibly lead to an increase in scholarship amounts.  To register for either test, speak with the Registrar regarding deadlines and options.

The Bible teaches us to press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus (Philippians 3:14).  There is much to do and much to accomplish this year but there is a prize at the end.  Graduation and another stage of your life are close, press on towards that prize.

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