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9th Grade Counsel

A new school, new teachers, new friends, and new activities can be both exciting and overwhelming.  But in order to get off to the best start, students need to stay focused on their school work.  Each in-class and homework assignment matters and will lower or raise your grade.  Not doing it or not turning it in is unacceptable.  

In addition, there is a common belief that universities and colleges do not pay attention to 9th-grade grades but that is absolutely false.  Every class, every year is important.  The biggest lesson to remember in the 9th grade is that DETAILS MATTER.

While academics are very important, it is also very important to make friends, run for a leadership position, and attend every school activity possible.  Your success in high school and in life is dependent on how you balance your life.

College and universities will accept you and/or give scholarships not only for your academic successes but your involvement in your school and community.  As the Bible teaches us in Matthew 25:14-30, seek to develop and multiply your knowledge, skills, and talents in order to become a complete person.

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