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End of Year Festivities

On June 1, HMA concluded its social calendar with its last vespers and social of the school year. Flower vespers as it is called, is a time where students can reflect on the year and honor their friends or staff members who made an impact upon their life. Students were able to honor 3 people of their choosing.

For the seniors, it was a special time as it was their opportunity to say a public "Thank you" and "Goodbye" to their friends and staff. As one can imagine, there were tears of sadness, joy, and humility as they voiced their appreciation for each other.

After the vesper program, the film class shared an end-of-year "mockumentary" regarding life at HMA. It was a hilarious representation of the quirks that exist on HMA's campus. It was filmed in good taste and all appreciated the humor of the film students.

At the end of the night, students engaged in Bubble soccer games where acts of friendly "nudging" is encouraged. It was a great way to end the year full of academic development, emotional maturity, and spiritual growth.

For Bubble Soccer highlights, click here, to be directed to our school Facebook page.

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